'Tis the Season...for Marketing! Tip #3

Sally Kintz
December 4, 2013

This week we've been looking at various marketing tips specifically for the holiday season. Yesterday's tip involved your employees; today is about using a specific social media website to your advantage.

Tip #3:

Discover the world of Pinterest.

Every social media outlet can be a great marketing tool, but around this time of year Pinterest offers some great opportunities.

Pinterest users will no doubt be spending hours scouring through pins for the perfect gift idea, so take advantage of this! Create gift guides via pin boards. Set up boards for specific needs like “Gifts for Mom,” or “Gifts for Pet Lovers.” Make sure each pin links to the product on your website.

Collaborative boards are also an exciting way to involve your customers. You could hold a drawing or contest to choose which customers get to contribute. Then add the person as a contributor (you’ll need their username or email address). Customers can then start pinning their favorite products from your website. Call the board something fun like “This Year’s Most Wanted.”

It might be time-consuming, but it can really be worth it if executed properly.

Check back tomorrow for more holiday marketing tips!

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