Ten Tips for Better Marketing

Sally Kintz
October 26, 2009
  1. Trust what attracts your attention in print, mail, radio, web, etc. You know what you like or dislike about what you see and hear.
  2. Keep a scrapbook of your competition's ads, direct mail pieces and broadcast ads. On each of them keep notes about your reactions and first impressions of them; after all, advertisers have only a moment to reach their audience.
  3. Be sure your benefit to the consumer is the most prominent feature of your marketing efforts.
  4. Keep a scrapbook or log of your own marketing efforts. Maintain information on the results of each effort; such as: how much did it cost, when did you do it, for how long and how many responses or coupons were redeemed.
  5. Make sure your image is consistent with your business and business philosophy.
  6. Make sure your message is clear. Make your business name, location and phone number highly visible.
  7. Make sure your message hooks your target audience immediately.
  8. Make sure your message is true.
  9. Make sure you can deliver on everything you've promised.
  10. Make sure you can inventory it, market it, deliver it and still make a profit.

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