Ok, you're going to think I'm nuts, but today I'm talking about Gay Hendricks' book Conscious Golf. If you know me, you'll know I'm a new golfer and am terrible at the game although I have a lot of fun because it's so totally different from work and is wonderful stress release for me.

Mr. Hendricks wrote this book for business owners and it's honestly one of the best books I've read on business. It's short and concise. I highly recommend that you read the book yourself. Here's a brief overview - but please consider reading the book - it's worth it.

Time feels different for each of us. For instance spending an hour with someone you love feels like a very short period of time compared to an hour solving a difficult client issue at work.  Einstein explained this experience of time. He pointed out that how we are in our daily lives affects how we work and how we view life. It's important to control our emotions and be in the moment. It's all about relationships with people - and with the golf ball.

First secret is to make sure you have hit the ball. Keep your attention on the project at hand. Finish it before you start something else. Don't let your attention wander. Stay focused on the most important tasks at hand. Incompletion saps your energy and stops you from accomplishing more.

TIP: Make a list of the 3-5 things you need to accomplish every day and get them done.

Second secret is to not get so caught up in hitting the ball that you forget the swing. Swing as in a playground swing. Have some fun, find your rhythm. It's not a hack or whack, it's a swing. It needs to come easily and be graceful. You won't always be in the swing of things, but you can get yourself back into the swing. This could also be considered sharpening the saw or taking a moment for a few deep breaths. As Hendricks' recommends, "don't push the river."  When you're feeling uncomfortable or feeling fear, you are not going to be working at your best.

TIP: Take a few moments every day to take a few deep breaths, recenter and relax.

The Third Secret is that the ball doesn't go anywhere until you hit it. YOU bring the power and energy it takes to get things going - so do it. Life isn't hard or beautiful or tough or fair. "Life isn't ANYTHING until we IS it." If you're stuck in repeat patterns or not making as much money as you'd like in your business, rethink how you are working and make changes. Figure out what's stopping you and stop it. Don't focus on others and fixing their problems, fix yours. What things do you tell yourself that are no longer true or no longer serving you. Examine yourself carefully and get rid of old patterns.

TIP: Commit yourself to lifelong learning, not only about business or golf, but about yourself.

Now go buy the book and read it. I can't begin to do it justice.

Sally Poole
Poole Communications owner

For more information on this book, and other works by Gay Hendricks': http://www.hendricks.com/amazon/

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