Here are some quick tips to get your press release published.

1. Make sure it's news worthy - if it's not it won't get published.

2. Take the time to develop a catchy headline that will attract attention.

3. Write in a concise, news-style with the most important information first and the least important information last. When editors cut an article, they cut from the bottom.

4. Find a photo that complements your release. It is much more likely to be printed with a photo.

5. Include your complete contact information: name, title, business, address, phone, email, website. The media needs to be able to get in touch with you to do a larger story if they have time and space. Make it easy for them.

6. Find the right person to send the press release to. You can usually find this on the media's website.

7. Send that person an email with the press release in the email and attach a PDF or WORD document of the release too.


8. Realize that you may have to send the press release more than once. Editors are busy people and your release will only be publicized if there is space or time. This week might be too full of news to print your release, but next week might be great.

If you need help writing and sending press releases, give Poole Communications a call at 800-900-3635. We'd be happy to help.

Sending out a news or press release to the media can highlight your business accomplishments. It's very important to make sure your release truly is newsworthy. The best way to send a release is through email. It saves overworked media employees data entry time and helps with accuracy. Start with an attention getting headline. That's what everyone reads first. Then write about the most important things first and the least important subjects last. Include all your contact information in case the media wants to do a more in depth story. Attach a high quality photo if appropriate because it will get more attention from the press and viewers. Identify people in the photo. Make it easy for the media to use your next news release.

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