How do select color when you plan the design of your logo and marketing materials? Do you generally select just what you like? If so, you might consider putting more thought into your color choices.

Studies have shown that a product’s color influences 60-80% of a customer’s purchasing decision – meaning that color can make or break a product.  Color is the first thing a consumer will notice about your logo.

On both a conscious and subconscious level colors convey meaning. The use of color can bring your marketing materials multiple layers of meaning. You can use these meanings to underline and accent your branding messages.

Bright, bold colors are attention grabbing but can appear brash. Muted tones are more sophisticated, but can be overlooked.

Colors can be divided into two categories: warm – which are associated with energy; and cold – which are more about calmness and security.

We've created a cheat sheet for you to download with colors and their associated meanings. These are not rigid rules, but they’re worth keeping in mind. It’s also important to consider the global appeal of your color choices – especially if you’re a global brand. For instance, in China red is considered lucky, while in India white is the color of mourning and death.

In addition to the color cheat sheet, we’ve also included a color contrast guide displaying 18 color combinations that have been tested for visibility at various distances by the OAAA.

Think about your message and choose your colors carefully to portray your company’s image.

Download the Color Cheat Sheet.
Download the Color Contrast Guide.

Recently Hannibal-LaGrange College changed their name to Hannibal-LaGrange University. There was some consideration given to changing the name completely. I was delighted they chose to stay with the same basic name. The name recognition and brand HLG has developed over the years is invaluable. If you've been thinking about changing your company name or logo be very cautious. You may be tired of the same name or design, but your customers might still be trying to figure out who you are and what you do. Your business name and logo is most powerful when used with consistency - this is extremely important to building your own unique brand.

Have you ever been driving on a busy street looking for a certain business? Sometimes it's hard to see among all the other businesses, isn't it? Chances are, though, you were able to spot the business's sign before you saw the name because you recognized the company's colors or logo without even reading the sign. A good quality sign works 24/7 for your business. Take a look at your outdoor signs. Are they clear and easy to read? Are they well lit and readable? Do they reflect your type of business? You don't want a neon flashing sign if you're an attorney. You might seriously consider it if you're selling used cars. Become more easily recognizable by using the right type of sign for your business.

I've been told recently that business cards are dead. I disagree. Sure, people are beaming and bumping their contact information to each other on their smart phone. However, you can give your potential customer all the information they need to start doing business with you by having a well designed business card. Take a look at yours. Is it time for an update? Include your logo, services, phone, web site, email and more. Think of it like a mini brochure. Make your business card stand out by using affordable full color printing on quality paper - and use the back of the card. Look at your business card today. Help potential customers remember you. Hand them a business card worth keeping.

Make your marketing work harder by using or developing a company logo. A logo is a powerful tool when used correctly. Your logo design must be able to be used virtually everywhere - from business cards and websites to ball caps and billboards. A creative design can help brand your company for decades. Can't afford a uniquely designed logo? Then begin by using the same type face consistently. That goes for color too. Stick with one color. Your building a brand that will become recognizable without even reading the words. Get more attention and make your marketing materials work harder by using a great logo.

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