Free Marketing Ideas

Sally Kintz
October 26, 2009

Here are few ideas that will help you build a better business with reliable, happy customers.

Getting Started
  • Research your competition
  • Start a file of ads and promotions you like
  • Set goals of where you want to be
  • How much money do you want to earn?
  • Exactly what do you want to accomplish?
What's Different About You?
  • Target your market regionally and by demographics
  • Write a short, honest, memorable positioning statement
  • What is different about you?
  • What benefits your customers most?
  • Fine tune your image
    Consistent logo and type used
    Refine personal image
    Your office projects your image
Start Promoting
  • Speak Up - become a local authority for your specialty
  • Volunteer with complimentary causes
  • Write a column or articles
  • Send press releases and news releases to ALL media
  • Cross promote with other businesses whenever possible
  • Don't overlook bartering and networking
  • Use community bulletin boards: radio and TV
Keeping Your Customers
  • Build your own database with ACT or Outlook - ask permission!
  • Maintain contact with your own holiday cards, articles, gifts
  • Ask customers to refer you or provide you with references
  • Ask customers how you can improve service
  • Listen to your customer carefully - what is working?
  • Give the best incentives to long-term customers
  • Build your own web site
  • Start an e-zine, e-mail contact maintained with permission
FREE Not Easy
  • Work harder, work smarter than your competition
  • Provide more to your customer - always say "thank you"
  • Keep it simple! Give your promotions time to work
  • Keep your focus and be consistent
  • Ask what you can do to help yourself most - every day

When you get to the point that you don't have time to do your own marketing, give Poole Advertising a call at 1-800-900-3635. Let us come up with some unique ideas for your business.

Give us a call at 1-800-900-3635 today and start building your business, visibility and profit.

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