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We’re passionate about our client’s success.
We want you to win.
We want to help you.

With over 30+ years of experience in the advertising, marketing and design worlds, we have the dirt under our fingernails to show that we are willing to put in the time to get the job done right. As time has gone on, promoting your business has evolved over time and the channels of communication have grown exponentially with the explosion of digital media. We have worked with our clients over those years to continue to pursue their marketing needs and set them up for success.

Each new marketing platform and advertising avenue has created the need for intentional decision making and informed discernment in the proper path to take in a crowded and ever-growing playing field. At Poole Communications, we will help you craft and share your story to the people that you want to reach. It may seem confusing, but we have been down this path before.
We have a passion for your business growth and success. Our business is to help your business succeed and expand. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been in business for decades with your own in-house marketing department, we’re here to help get the strategy right, and marketing work done faster and more creatively – and perhaps for less than what you are spending now. We have a great deal of experience working with all kinds and sizes of businesses, and we are eager to help you get noticed and become more successful.
Poole Communications was founded by a designer and focuses on hiring high-quality creative people. This means your projects will be well-planned and will perform in the best possible way. Our experience and vision creates memorable and effective marketing campaigns. As a smaller firm working nationally, Poole Communications is able to give you and your organization the personal attention you deserve. We are known for our outstanding customer service and clear communication.

our process

With every new client and project, we step through our process to maximize the success of each marketing plan. Each step helps us focus and pursue the best outcome for your business.


We begin by looking at the current state of your business as well as your goals and needs. Questions are asked to help us pick the correct path of promotion and marketing tailored just for your business.


We look at your current and potential customers and where they reside in the present your landscape. Your competitors can also influence marketing decisions and how to proceed.


Through creativity and innovation, we deliver marketing solutions that transform your brand and grow your business both regionally and nationally. As we gather the info on what needs to be communicated, we design the how it will be presented. The creation of a marketing plan can manifest in different ways. It could be scheduling social media posts for the next month, laying out the ads used in an upcoming publication or gathering all the elements of your next big marketing campaign push.


As your marketing needs shift, morph and change, the message or visuals may need to be tweaked or manipulated to communicate more effectively.


After ads have been run, videos played and posts have been liked, we evaluate the success of the campaign efforts to see what worked and what could have been done differently. Sometimes this step will bring us back to one of the others with the goal to improve the engagement.
What are you currently working on?
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