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In this new era of marketing and communication, old ideas no longer work. You need a combination of strategy and design that comes together to deliver the results your company needs. Planning out how to market your company effectively with all the tools and services available is a science. Poole Communications can do that for your company.

Our strength is
promoting yours.

We are a creative agency that thinks ahead, strategizes and plans for your company. We will build a close relationship with you to discover all your unique strengths. Then we design a marketing plan around your needs by creating the pieces used to communicate who you are as a company. We leverage every communication avenue to promote you in ways you may never have thought of before–ways that work better than what you have tried in the past.

Customized planning

Each company is unique in every aspect of its DNA and its needs for marketing. We work with each of our clients to build a specific plan for their product, service or company. We are hands on and attentive to our clients’ needs, pushing to maximize every step in their marketing efforts. Your success is our goal.
Running a business
is an adventure
…choose your
own path
You are extremely busy with your business and may need a LOT – or a little bit – of marketing help. There are more ways to spend your marketing dollars than you can count. Everywhere you turn, some new way to promote your business is promising to give you results that would make a unicorn blush. Is this the best way to spend the budget? Are they just out to take my money? Does someone have the knowledge and experience to steer me in the right direction? Who do you turn to? Where do you find someone who has your best interests at heart and is not trying to sell you something all the time?
Do you have a project that needs the right touch?
Are you wondering how to develop a successful marketing strategy?
How do you leverage your brand to engage your customers?
We can help.
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Poole Communications is first and foremost a design firm. That means we look at your business with an unbiased, independent viewpoint to find your strengths and position your company for growth. You will find 30+ years of expertise and the strategy you need to get moving quickly and accurately on a path that will simplify your marketing with data to show you that it’s working.
What size is your company?
Pick the path that best fits your company and your needs.
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